Kyoto – Millennium City

Sophisticated craftsmanship, aesthetics and tradition, with knowledge and know-how transmitted from generation to generation…

The artworks and products that we recommend fully display the distintive nature of very high quality natural materials,

testifying to the excellence of traditional Kyoto craftsmanship and its potential to harmonise with modern design.


For people involved in traditional crafts and manufacturing industries in Kyoto Prefecture, we consistently support product development, market development, and on-site construction that make use of their advanced and sophisticated technique. Now that handicrafts that make use of craftsmanship are attracting attention both at home and abroad, PRECIOUS KYOTO proposes modern arts and crafts based on materials and traditional techniques born from the cycles and blessings of nature that have continued since ancient times.

〈Organizer〉Kyoto Prefecture Division of Textiles and Crafts, Department of Commerce, Labor and Tourism                                                                                                             〈Direction / Japan executive office〉Space Magic Mon Co.,〈Showroom(Paris) / Europe executive office〉MaisonWa (SAS ENIS)